Clojurians Slack Archive is not showing Pathom and Fulcro conversations

I want to read old Pathom and Fulcro archived conversations from Clojurians Slack Archives but it is not showing up. Old links from Google are giving error too.

@plexus or @martinklepsch might know more about any problems with the archive.

There’s also a searchable slack-archive at Clojurians-Zulip. Both fulcro and pathom are logged since this archive started in February.

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clojurians-log is going to be unavailable for a while while we figure out some issues and migrate the server. Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll make an announcement some time soon.


Sorry for the inconvenience, you can read more about what’s up over here: Clojurians-log: working on a relaunch + cloud sponsor Exoscale

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