Cognitect joins Nubank

Just announced. What do you folks think? What would we as a community potentially get from this?

Discuss! :slight_smile:


Also a word from Nubank’s CTO:


For me, I am very glad to see a brazilian company standing out and valuing software engineer as Nubank does. Recently, they acquired Plataformatec which was the company of José Valim, creator of Elixir and now they continue to add more value by bringing the two amazing communities more close together.

As for Clojure and Datomic I am also optimistic. Nubank has a great reputation for open-source work and community building, however there is something else very complicated about Clojure adoption here in Brazil. I started the initiatives in my current company and back at the time the most complicated factor was to justify the investment in the stack while the vast majority of people working with it was from a single company with piles of cash in their pockets rsrsrsrs…

I fear this could worse the adoption by other smaller companies around here. I am not saying that I believe in this rationale, but I heard that multiple times and this slowed down our own adoption for more than 1 year. Yesterday, I did a presentation about our journey using Clojure to another company considering and they asked the same thing.


My hope is that very little changes (and that seems to be what all three posts seem to say: both the Cognitect and Nubank announcements, and Wible’s personal post from Nubank).

  • Rich is still in charge of Clojure and Nubank will leave all that up to him
  • Rich and Stu are still in charge of Datomic as a product and Nubank will leave that up to them
  • Cognitect will continue as a US company, providing consulting around Datomic (but will stop doing general consulting)
  • Nubank will provide financial support to Clojure conferences and other programs

So Clojure will remain open source under Rich (as BDFL) and Datomic will remain a commercial product (and remain closed source). Best case: new features and new releases happen more quickly (but still without causing churn).


I think I’m happy.

As long as Nubank continues to grow successful itself, it will be good. I worry that Nubank doesn’t, I think it’s still a bit of a startup in many ways. But if it were to establish itself as an eventual giant in the banking sector, then this is a great move. Basically guaranteeing steady income flow for Clojure maintainers in a way they can focus on just the language and don’t have to worry about what their next gig is also going to be to pay the bills.

And I guess I hope that they continue to use Clojure themselves, but I think that’s a given at this point. Do they have other language in use as well?

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As far as I know from public information they also use Scala and Python (more ML related) in the backend and Flutter for mobile too.

And I assume, since they acquired Plataformatec, that they use Elixir as well?

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Not enterily sure on this. They published an article explaining this move and seems like Plataformatec was already working as consultant inside Nubank for a while and due to scarcity of professionals in the market they decided to make the acquisition to strengthen their dev team.

But seems like they had more experience with agile metodologies and project management, with the plus side of working with a fp language.

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Oh, I didn’t know that. I wonder how they plan to merge together Clojure and Elixir philosophies :slight_smile:

This bodes well for a more transparent marketplace of diverse Clojure services.

On the flip side, will Pedestal effectively be up for adoption?

Yes, the Elixir author moved on and created another company called Dashbit[1]


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