Contribute to cljfmt - a concrete way to help advancing the Community Style Guide

Here’s a cry for us helping each other to make Clojure programming even more joyful. I am a big fan of the Clojure Community Style Guide.

In order to contribute to this I have chosen to use cljfmt as the formatting engine for Calva Formatter, a Clojure formatter for VS Code.

However, most people use cljfmt for postprocessing files, often hooking it in to a CI pipeline. So when I am trying to use it to get the code standard-formatted as it is typed, I stumble upon issues that have not bothered us (as a community) before. Here are two hurdles:

weavejester agrees that cljfmt should handle this and welcomes PR:s fixing them. I think it looks like very fun problems to tackle, but I have so many things to deal with! Not just with Calva Formatter, but with Calva Paredit and Calva itself too. It is bit more than I can chew, really, but I am chewing at it anyway.

This is what my cry for help is about: Please jump in and try get cljfmt handle those cases correctly. It will enable using it for as-you-type formatters to ensure code is adhering to community standards.

When you’re done I can point at some other things that would make cljfmt even more awesome for as-you-type formatting. :smile:

Do we have any takers?


How urgent is this for your project? I’d like to do this, but I’m too busy this week.

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Awesome! The urgency is rather about summoning us to help each other than a matter of time. No problem waiting for you to have the time for this.

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Great! I’ll leave a comment under the second issue.

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