Convex Lisp demo application

Some of you may know I’ve been working for a while on Convex, a decentralised (but 100% green and blazing fast!) network to address many of the deficiencies of traditional blockchains.

But what’s best is that it has a Clojure-inspired Lisp as the core language and a Lambda Calculus VM! It’s not 100% compatible with Clojure (various reasons, mostly around decentralised security and computation restrictions) but simple Clojure code often works directly. You can try out the live sandbox here: Convex

Anyway, we’ve been shortlisted for the Innovate Finance pitch competition, so I though this would be a good time to share our demo video. Enjoy and PLEASE VOTE FOR US in the Digital Assets category!


We are currently in the process of open-sourcing our repositories, tooling, and revamping the website. A fair share of our tooling has been written in Clojure and there will be much more to see soon. Your vote will help us reaching a proper alpha status after years of work building this distributed, universal Lisp machine :slight_smile:


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