Cosmoscope: 1.5 tonne steel sculpture, Clojure-driven

We’ve shown this at Lumiere Durham and Lumiere London (estimated visitor numbers 1,500,000 apparently), and now it’s running at the Watts Gallery, just outside London, until the end of June.

More information, and blog posts about the hardware and software, here:


I have enjoyed the blog posts describing some of the implementation details. The Clojure bits were especially interesting! One post in particular, about using emscripten and ClojureScript together, is going to serve me in good stead. Thanks for sharing!

Emscripten->ClojureScript is a bit fiddly, since the paradigms and data layout are so different, but it’s certainly do-able. If you’ve not done much Emscripten before it’s probably worth experimenting with C/C++ and JavaScript first to get the hang of it, then make the jump to ClojureScript from there.

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