Crazy Traffic

I made an app with Clojurescript (I don’t think my problem is related to CLJS). It’s a simple feed reader. A Jamstack app and client side only. I’m pretty sure I’m the only user, however, in the last two days I had 680 MB traffic (the app is 1,5 MB in total, unzipped) Yeah webscale! I made it!

Well, I added to the Index page and sure enough I’m alone in the dashboard.

So, my suspicion is that whatever loads the app does not execute Javascript.

Everything is deployed to Netlify and server side stats would cost me 9 $ per month, that’s pretty much for an app with no users and no business model.

What can I do? What’s going on?

I’m thankful for any idea :exploding_head:

There are multiple ways to tell robots not to process your pages. Maybe there are even Netlify-specific ways, no clue.

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Ah, I thought about that too. It just started last month besides everything is online for some years now so it wasn’t my first thought :wink:
Thank you

You need to check your access logs to see what is hitting your site. As you’ve worked out, is not going to be helpful here at all as a general tool. And like p-himik mentioned, look into all the ways to tell robots not to hit your site. 680Mb however is a very surprising number for just a couple of days.

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880 MB. I doubt this is related to search engines ( should show some of them anyway). I only wanted to make a free tool and improve it over time but now I will probably have to pull the plug to avoid more totally unrelated work. What can we learn from this: The Internet has endless possibilities to be frustrated. :person_shrugging:

Congratulations on your meteoric increase in popularity on the Web, @michael :smiley:

What I’m thinking though is that 340MiB in daily traffic isn’t a lot - or, more accurately, US$9 monthly is a lot for that service! With some clever caching (which should be well within the realm of possibility for serving a client-side ClojureScript app), you’ll be able to serve terabytes on a Virtual Private Server costing you the same amount.

More than happy to lend a hand with any configuration if you do fancy doing a bit of DIY Netflify-usurping :wink:

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Thanks :laughing:

A VPS wouldn’t have been my first thought to deploy such a thing. I will think about it. :thinking:

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Client-side only, you could also get away with something like S3+Cloudfront. Cloudfront has 1TB monthly traffic for free (not just for 12 months), and s3 costs peanut if it’s a small js app

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