Create clojure-core-apps Open Collective for clojars/cljdoc/toolbox/clojureverse/...?

I propose to create a Collective for sponsoring (primarily) the running costs of key Clojure (web) applications, such as Clojars, Cljdoc, clojuredocs, Clojureverse, clojure-toolbox (any more?) - applications that we all use and benefit from.

Rationale As a clojurist I want to support them but supporting each individually is costly and complicated. That is why we all love Clojurists Together, so why not extend its model to running these applications?

The board of the collective - composed of the maintainers of the individual applications - would allocate the money to individual apps as they would see fit.

Thoughts? //cc @martinklepsch, @danielcompton, @plexus, @weavejester


I like the idea! Some open questions:

  • What’s the split between the applications? Are some services more expensive than others? Is it possible to agree on a split?
  • Do the maintainers of the sites in question support collectivizing this?


I am confident the maintainers would manage to sort this out between themselves.

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