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i like it! good job! :+1:

Some people were wondering about how to get started with ShadowCLJS, so this is an example with minimal server requirements.


personally i just read:

Admittedly I have a lot to learn about visual design

so now i am curious… i click the link… and tbh this doesn’t look half bad to me… but what do i know about visual design?.. anyway… i take a look around your page and i find a lot of cool stuff about emacs… so now i am definitely pleased!!! hence you got the heart plus the positive / encouraging feedback. ( …even though, admittedly, i was not really wondering about how to get started with shadowCLJS… )

oh now i get it! i just read your new post… about the accordion widget thing :slight_smile: and only now have i actually seen the page you are talking about:
before i thought you were talking about:

and i got confused :frowning:

so now i get the visual design thing! you mean stuff like when you look at the page on a mobile device you still get the four columns side by side, the green borders,… stuff like that… that seam like… how should i put it,… like there is still room for improvement? :slight_smile:

anyway, now i feel kinda stupid… because i am afraid my carelessness may have caused some unnecessary confusion… :frowning:

having said that, and now that i have actually seen your personal page, i have to tell you that i was really really surprised, when i found for example the following on your page:

so you are not only interested in programming and computers but also in questions of theology, language, psychology, philosophy,… and that, i think, is really cool!

p.s. i am not sure if you are aware of this, or if you are interested in any of that, :slight_smile: but right now there is a lot of debate going on in germany about theology and the nature of the catholic church. see for example:

Thank you for the feedback about the post and the rendering of the front page. I’ll have to think about how that table renders on mobile, since the lining up of the bottom columns was the reason for a table at all on non-mobile.

“The mission” was a reference to the 2-year service as an ordained religious minister in my church. I’d be more than happy to discuss more on theology via DM or email, although I don’t think Clojureverse is the right place for that.

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