Crowdsourcing list of Clojure companies

I started a publicly editable spreadsheet of Clojure companies, split by contintent. I’d really appreciate if people could take a moment to add their own company, or companies in their area. There’s also a lot of missing data, so if you have one minute to google a company and fill in the blanks that would be awesome. Many hands make light work!

The initial list is based on a list I had been keeping privately based on who is posting job ads, but I figured more people should be able to use this information. Maybe you just want to know who’s using Clojure before committing to it, or you’re looking for a Clojure job in your area, or putting up an event and looking for sponsors.

There’s but it doesn’t mention the company’s region, which I find often matters, but it would be great to reconcile both lists eventually.


Please feel free to add a column for location with that data in a PR against


What I’d love to do, time permitting is

  • allow people some more time to add more companies or fill in missing data
  • take the list from, filter out the ones already in the spreadsheet, then go through them, find out where they’re based and add them to the spreadsheet
  • go through the spreadsheet to fill in missing data (at least location and website)
  • export and turn into a PR for

There’s something about giving people a world writable spreadsheet that works really well for gathering data from many individuals. There’s still a lot of “boring” work left afterwards to clean things up and make it consumable but I think it’ll be worthwhile, and hopefully I can get some help with those things too.


How much Clojure does a company have to use to be a Clojure company? There are dozens of companies in Finland with some Clojure in production.

BTW, maybe adding a column like “Currently hiring”, so you can have a look at the right places?

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