Cursive repl clj/cljs custom configuration


Just wondering if we can configure the clj/cljs dropdown in cursive repl in intelliJ to use custom port when cljs is selected?

Currently, I have to open a new server repl to connect to my shadow-cljs nrepl to evaluate cljs stuff and need to open a clj local repl for clj stuff. I was wondering if its possible to define some config so if cljs is selected, my local repl automatically connects to that shadow-cljs nrepl or maybe not connect to shadow-cljs repl but I still can somehow evaluate cljs stuff in local repl? Right now when I run (:require 'some.core) where some.core is a .cljs it runs but the repl doesn’t get changed to cljs and it doesn’t let me run any js/command either.

I’d appreciate if someone can help.