Dash.app now supports cljdoc!

With the most recent version of Dash you can now download docsets from cljdoc. This is based on the already existing functionality to download documentation in offline bundles.

I’ve been a fan of Dash for a long time now, primarily because it allows me to access documentation for multiple programming languages through the same, consistent UI and search based interface.

Over the past months I’ve been working with Dash’s creator to integrate cljdoc as a third party documentation source to make Clojure/Script library documentation available to Dash users.

Here’s a small demo video which I amateurishly created using iMovie :sweat_smile:


If you're not on Mac OS...

For those of you who are not on Mac OS: There is Zeal which provides a similar interface as Dash but unfortunately doesn’t have a cljdoc integration yet. If you’re using like to use cljdoc there too please consider contributing.


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