Data-recur meeting 3: general monthly - focusing on Meander

The data-recur group is a new space for collaborations around the emerging Clojure stack for data processing and data analysis.

The third monthly meeting will be at the end of September and will be dedicated to Meander.

Meander is a Clojure/ClojureScript library that empowers you to write transparent data transformation code that allows you to plainly see the input and output of these transformations. The latest version of the library can be found at the following link.


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Agenda (gradually updating)

  • presonal intros
  • small updates
  • an overview of Meander by Joel Holdbrooks (noprompt)
  • discussion

If you wish to share an update, please let us know so that we can add you to the agenda here.


The official part will be 90 minutes long.
Sometimes some of us like to stay longer and chat.


  • We will use Zoom for the video call.
  • We will use the #data-recur Zulip stream for chat (see the meeting 3 topic thread).
  • For the Meander-related comments and Q&A, it is recommended to join the #meander channel at the Clojurians Slack.

Video call

Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom


Most of the meeting will be recorded and shared publicly.
Some parts will be unrecorded.

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See you on Friday!

See you today

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