DataConsole - Datomic / DataScript / DataHike Console

I’ve been working on a CRUD Console for Clojure’s Datalog databases Datomic, DataScript and DataHike.

Here’s a sneak peak:

It differs from Datomic Console or REBL in that it a) is meant to be useful to non-technical users and b) provides extension points for developers to:

  • add custom parameterized queries
  • provide custom views for how entity attribute values should be rendered, e.g. images and links
  • provide pre-written functions that can be passed arguments and run through the UI by the end-user

This arose from a business need at I’m curious: is this problem you run into at the companies you work at? And how do you deal with it right now?


Looks awesome!

P.S. The audio is extremely low in the video.

Thank you! I just tested the audio. It’s quite loud at max volume for me. Is your youtube video player volume possibly moved to low?

I’m amazed cljfx is being seriously used in real world projects :smiley:


Love it! Waiting for your public release.

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