December 2017: Introduce yourself!

We talk a lot about Community with a capital C, but all it really is is people, lots of people just like you and me, all bringing their own unique voice to the table. Introducing yourself means people get to know a little more about you, so that you’re no longer a stranger, but a real human sitting on the other side of the screen.

If you’re new here, or you’ve been around for a while but haven’t introduced yourself yet then this is your chance. Tell us your story!

Some ideas of what you can share:

(repeatedly #(rand-nth [

  • your journey towards Clojure
  • the things you’re working on
  • where you’re from or where you live
  • you elsewhere on the web (home page, Twitter or Github account)
  • how people can support you
  • any particular hobbies or interests
  • anything else you like to share


This month in particular you can also anwer: What do you love or hate about the end of year season?


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