Deedster - Engagement and education platform on individual impact of climate change for individuals and businesses


Deedster’s mission is to fight climate change through the engagement of the many. We build solutions that aim to educate and engage people to live more sustainably. We believe that incremental change is necessary to address climate change - no feat or action is too small.

Specifically, we have an Android/iOS app(Deedster), few small webapps(e.g. Deedster Public Quiz and Deedster Calculator), and a REST API that powers both B2C and B2B clients.

A user on our platform starts with calculating their yearly footprint. We then offer them a gamified quiz to learn more about the science of climate change and small personalized actions we call Deeds to reduce their footprint.

We have a mix of B2C and B2B customers, with much of the revenue coming from the B2B customers in which we sell time-bound challenges for employees of the company to compete in reducing their footprint.

We have an office in Stockholm, Sweden.

How is this sustainability-oriented?

We directly educate and engage people on our platform to change their lifestyle to be more sustainable. Given an estimated sustainable level of 1 ton CO2e and a global average yearly footprint of 4-5 tons of CO2e(in some western countries, that number can be as high as 16 tons CO2e) much change can be done on an individual level.