Defn #37 Podcast Episode with Bozhidar is now available

Episode #37 with @bbatsov


Wonderful! I laughed out loud, making a fool out of myself, several times on the commute because of listening to this.

Totally great to hear someone take the side of nRepl in such a loud and clear way.

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Do people actually run patched versions of Clojure on production so they can manually apply patches that are already in JIRA? I was kinda shocked to hear that.

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Why would that be shocking - it is fairly standard practice for libraries and projects when there is a production issue, you can indeed create your own patched/hotfix version until the fixed version gets released.

Shocking in the sense that I have never had to do this with Java, Python, Node or Elixir — but of course it only reflects my experience or lack thereof. Looking for bugs on the runtime is usually a last resort and in the extreme case where it is a bug there, you’d probably work around it in your code rather than building the runtime from scratch.

I’ve no idea where I would even start: maintaining a private fork of Clojure and keeping track of patches applied would be a ton of work. I certainly would avoid doing this on a small team. I guess it depends on the severity of the bug.

interesting discussion. I was wondering why Bozhidar doesn’t quit his ruby job and start doing clojure for real.

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