Defn #40 Live episode recording with Nikita Propokov (@tonsky) 14th OCT 20:00 (Europe/Amsterdam)

We will chat with @tonsky on 14th

Feel free to post your questions :slight_smile:

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Dear tonsky:

  • whatโ€™s your job?
  • what technologies do you use apart from Clojure?
  • do you have some idea about how to solve the problems you mentioned on your last blog post?
  • planning to work on something related? Or not?
  • you seem less involved with your open source projects (at least rum). How can I (we) help you maintain it? Some people mentioned it in Clojurists Together. Would you be interested? Since React.js keeps moving forward, rum needs to keep up.

Thanks in advance to you and the defn crew!

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Not a question, but anyway: rum is fantastic! Add a dash of citrus and life is good.

We tried asking the questions :slight_smile: Do listen to the episode and let us know - or you can always poke @tonsky for answers.

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