Deps-new template for Figwheel-main with Clojure backend

hi, I’ve created a basic template for creating Figwheel-main projects with deps-new with a Clojure backend, ~wakyct/fullstack-figwheel - sourcehut git

I mostly used the Figwheel-main install docs and the deps-new docs as a guide. Fair warning, I’m new to Clojure and this is a work in progress and mainly for my own use, but any feedback/suggestions for improvement are welcome.

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You probably weren’t aware of this but there is already a figwheel-main template for use with clj-new:

The only thing is there is a slightly nicer syntax than the one in the docs, which is

clj -Tclj-new create :template figwheel-main :name your-name/your-directory :args '["--reagent"]'

My impression of that when I saw it before was it only worked with clj-new (not deps-new) and it didn’t assume a cljs + clj setup (which is what I’m working with). But if there wouldn’t be much to change to make it work with deps-new and a clj backend I probably should try porting it, thanks for the suggesion.

My bad: I didn’t even realize there was now a new deps-new! So now you have two ways, using clj-new or using deps-new.