DIAS is hiring Clojure devs for backend, devops and full stack roles in Finland

DIAS is hiring many kind of developers with backend, devops and full stack focus in Finland. We work mostly with Clojure and Kubernetes in Azure.

DIAS is a digital apartment trading platform. The company is only at the beginning of its journey. We are an easy-going group of kind-hearted experts.

Read more on the positions and the company at https://dias.fi/jobs.html
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Hi are these positions only for people who live in Helsinki and Finland or are they available for a broader group of people in the same timezone?

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Good question!

Currently we operate fully remote due to Covid-19. The expectation is that most of the post-covid work would also be done remotely, but we require that people can easily join us at the office in Helsinki when needed, e.g. a few times per month. So, no strict requirement for the location, but a willingness to travel on-site when needed.

โ€“ Ykรค

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