Don't do what I did when self-hosting cljs... Also: why did this happen?

I’ve been reading the excellent tutorial over at
and figured I’d play around with self-hosting in a fresh project.

After some happy hacking I’ve managed to compile a bunch of different cljs-files using node to run my “build tool”. But some namespaces (e.g. wouldn’t compile properly. I’d get an error akin to “Could not parse ns form …”, despite the ns-form looking perfectly fine!

After several hours of testing things, looking at lumo's source code and banging my head into the wall, I figured I’d go back to basics, and just put the tutorial code into my project, then replace it step by step with my own code.

That was when I saw it: I had accidently replaced cljs.js/js-eval with js/eval in the compiler options!
So everything I tried worked, except for macro-namespaces, and even then the error seemed to have troubles with parsing the ns, nothing about the eval-function being erronous… :smiley: It even generated the macro-namespaces’ code properly, but for some reason js/eval couldn’t properly find the macros when trying to use them from other namespaces.

Thought this was interesting enough to be shared. Do you know why this happened?


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