Edamame v1.0.0 - highly configurable Clojure parser with location metadata and more

Edamame is a soy bean product, but also a highly configurable Clojure parser*.
It has been in development for 3 years and successfully applied in projects like:

  • babashka and all other SCI-based environments like nbb
  • clerk
  • zprint
  • malli

I decided to finally make this project 1.0.0 since I think it’s mostly done and will soon be exposed in babashka / nbb as well, so you can read Clojure code from scripts using all the configuration options it offers.
Check it out at GitHub - borkdude/edamame: Configurable EDN/Clojure parser with location metadata

*) or should I say reader? Well, changing those names in the API would be breaking, so sorry :slight_smile:


Can you pass the parsed data-structure to eval?

Yes, that’s my primary use case for edamame.