Electric v2-263 released, with deployment and live tutorial

Electric live tutorial is up (first 3 tutorials + reagent interop). More tutorials dropping next week!


  • Electric v2-263 Changelog, tldr: deployment, hot code reloading fixes, cljs advanced mode fixed, bugfixes
  • Starter apps are updated with deployment scripts, clone away! electric-starter-app
  • tutorial is deployed on 5x $6/mo fly.io instances in 5 cities worldwide
  • Metrics on the tutorial app are rock solid:
    • linear cpu
    • constant memory
    • scales linearly with more resources
    • scales horizontally with more instances
    • 12 cents per active websocket-month!

We’re excited to see so many electric apps being made. The yellow apps on the left are a Clojure Spreadsheet powered by Sci, Datalevin and Electric. Made by @den1k in 2 weeks to do his dev agency’s taxes, here’s his tweet.

Please let us know if you make something, and as always eager for your feedback! Community is at #hyperfiddle.


Next batch of tutorials is out (new stuff starts at #4), introducing:

  • work-skipping
  • signals
  • lazy sampling
  • backpressure
  • object lifecycle
  • process supervision
  • RAII

Don’t miss #6, “Electric fns are both functions and objects”