Emacs color theme

i think emacs is really great. now i know that many in the clojure community also like to use emacs, so i just wanted to ask about what color themes you like to use for doing clojure?

I’m using zenburn.

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I use the Spacemacs theme: https://github.com/nashamri/spacemacs-theme

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I’m also on Spacemacs, preferring the spacemacs-light theme. I’ve also briefly used Nord for Emacs (Emacs install instructions), which is currently my terminal theme.

Here’s what both look like:

Dracula https://draculatheme.com/

I’m using the default spacemacs color theme.

solarized-light for both Emacs and iTerm

cyberpunk FTW and a few characters more to satisfy the wordcount minimum


I’ve created my own low-contrast theme based on Zenburn, but with a different palette:
Sunburn Theme (it’s available on Melpa).

I have another one in progress, but I haven’t yet put it up in Melpa.


I alternate between Cyberpunk Futuristic and Planet themes

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