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Hi all,

I have submitted an issue, and later on a PR for https://github.com/clj-commons/iapetos but the project seems kind of dead - issues are left without an answer and the last commit was more than 6 months ago

my question is: should I just fork and keep my own version of the library or is there a way to contact the maintainer and eventually merge this PR into the existing project?

@slipset might be relevant for you (saw your thread here What is clj-commons)

If you are a stakeholder of this library, maybe it’s something you would be interested in maintaining under clj-commons instead of maintaining your own fork?

Try reaching out to the clj-commons folks: https://github.com/clj-commons/meta I think you can cut a ticket there, or go to the mentioned slack.

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Hi Erez,

I’m sorry but I must have misconfigured the project, since I haven’t gotten the message about your PR, will look into it shortly.

As for clojure projects with no activity, it generally means that they’re done. And maintaining done projects is part of what clj-commons does.

As such it is expected that the projects maintained in clj-commons see very little activity, mainly updating versions, merging a PR etc.

If you want to do more active development on iapetos, please do so under clj-commons, so we can avoid forking, I’d be happy to guide you along the way.

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I can see @slipset has already reviewed my PR so we can go forward with this

Thanks for the fast responses I really appreciate it

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I would be happy to

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