Example: Clojure + Clojurescript + CDK using Gradle

A little while ago I had a small web project in mind and wanted to have a simple way to write a ClojureScript SPA that would call a Clojure web server. I wanted to deploy the application onto AWS and model my infrastructure using the AWS CDK. Putting the code for the Clojure, ClojureScript, and CDK projects into one repository and connecting their output together using Gradle seemed like a good fit for a prototype, but I couldn’t find any examples where this had been done.

While I lost interest in the original project, the working example is something I will reference in the future and wanted to share in case it’s useful. You can find the code and an overview of how it works here: GitHub - mhspradlin/clojure-gradle-cdk-example: Example project deploying a Clojure server and ClojureScript SPA to AWS using the CDK and Gradle.


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