Example cross platform (web/mobile/desktop) Clojure(Script) app

I wanted to build a cross platform ClojureScript/React app similar to one I saw in JavaScript using reagent, re-frame, re-natal, and electron. This is to demonstrate using the same codebase to target all platforms, with as much code reuse as possible:

I decided to do an implementation of Generic Collectible Card Game (GCCG), an unofficial app I used in the past to play Magic: The Gathering. It also supports many other games and includes a scripting language to support more. I chose this because I thought it needed some 2018 polishing, and also because it seems more substantial than yet another todo app.

This initial proof of concept only does simple browsing of the data. I plan to ultimately finish this so it’s 100% compatible with the existing GCCG server/client.

Let me know your thoughts on this (don’t be too harsh :slight_smile:). I hope this is helpful to someone. Also, if you see any glaring issues, such as strange implementations etc. let me know.



This is great, very useful.

Any thoughts on how hard this would be to restructure as a template? That might be a useful thing to have. I like the idea of being able to do lein new multi-app and then write clojure(script) that will run anywhere. Would you be interested in taking it in that direction? Asking because I would be interested in getting involved.

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I too would love a template for targeting all these platforms, and would be interested in contributing to such. This project seems like it could serve as a great starting point.

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The thought of making this into a template had occurred to me. Biggest challenge is native where the iOS and Android have tons of files with the project name. This is currently generated by re-natal so perhaps the web/electron options could be added to that tool.

re-natal is new to me. Will need to study it a bit. I think the first thing to consider is where the new generator would go. Re-frame-template has a plugin structure to make it possible to add new command line options. Perhaps it would be possible to build a plugin that triggers a re-natal init, and a separate one to add electron?