Exploratory programming with the TMDb API, season finale

What started as a session at the REPL materialized into a library, blat, released on github with an open source license.

The whole process is documented in a Youtube miniseries, with the last episode momentarily behind a paywall. It will be released when the channel hits the 500 subscribers mark. Should you wait for it or back my efforts now? Well, in that last episode, we do something valuable, we turn a solution to a particular problem into a piece of generic, reusable code that gets packaged in a library. This should be of interest to a wide audience of Clojurians. How do you know if you are in that group? Take a look at the implementation that we ended up with in the penultimate episode. A good place is the finale preview, where we do a recap. Now take a look at the final code as published in blat. Can you visualize the process that led from entangled code to generic code? If it’s not immediately obvious, please consider unlocking the episode. Think of it as an investment in your path to mastery in Clojure. Thank you.

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