Favourite CSS frameworks for reframe/clojurescript?

Hi folks, just wanted to solicit opinions for what has worked well for folks making SPAs with reframe (or similar). I’m comfortable in CSS so don’t need a “you don’t have to know anything” framework, but have been out of the clients side loop for a couple of years. So if there are standouts that work nicely with reframe I’d love to know!

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I have found great success with https://tachyons.io/ on smaller projects and on projects that I want an “app-like” experience I have been using https://material-ui.com/ (not a css framework, more of a UI toolkit). Note that material-ui needs some adapting to get it to play happily with CLJS.

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Thanks! I was thinking of material, it’s for an appish thing. if you have to elucidate, what was the adapting you needed to do?

I use fulcro for my projects and really like the support for colocated css http://book.fulcrologic.com/#_basics


I really love Tailwind‘s approach, either using it directly, or for more complex cases basically writing something along its lines with Garden

This was discussed more or less here Preferred grid frameworks that work with Garden

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