Fediverse mastodon with friendly name for clojure community - clj.social

We have a new federation (mastodon) with the “face of Clojure”, you are all very welcome
I look forward to seeing you all clj.social

We need help with moderation, if you have time to help with content moderation within the federation send me a message and it will be a pleasure to have you helping to maintain a network with non-aggressive and friendly content for all network participants. here @avelino@clj.social


Presumably, moderators need to have accounts on clj.social? I’d be happy to help – I’ve done a lot of moderation over the decades across a lot of communities – but I don’t want to move off my “home” instance because I like the rules there and the moderation that’s in place.

Do you have a Code of Conduct? Do you have moderation guidelines in place? (last I looked at About - clj.social there seemed to be nothing).


I have written an initial CoC here, but I need review and insight from others, can @seancorfield help me?

To moderate a mastodon federation, you need to have an account inside the instance, there is no way to put an external account (it is a mastodon limitation).