For those curious about the ClojureScript developer experience

I’m fascinated by how shadow-cljs + Expo makes it easy to wet you toes reaching mobiles and the web with ClojureScript. My small example project for this is quite popular and when updating it and putting it to some tests I decided to make it an attempt to recruit more developers to the Clojure and ClojureScript developer experience. The result is my first live-recorded screencast. It’s a bit of stuttering and fumbling around, but all in all I think it is worth putting out there. I hope you will agree and that you will find it worth sharing around.


Which component warned you of 1 super-severe vulnerability, and which component turned out to be problematic?

I confess to a suspicion of Expo as being not really “on the metal” and a suspicion that all alternatives to Expo might be even worse, in their own way. Do you suggest Expo as training wheels, or as a robust long-term way to get real things done?

I don’t right now recall which dependency was critical, but audit fix took care of it. Then all warnings that remained were about the same dependency. I think that one needs to be handled by the Expo team.

As for training wheels. Yes, most projects will probably want to run w/o Expo. You might be right about there being issues of different kind wherever you turn, but I have good experiences from using Krell together with the vanilla react-native tool chain.

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I just learnt that if the Calva channel on Youtube gets some 40 more subscribers, I can claim a nice URL for it. So this is me begging you people to please subscribe. :heart:

With some luck I’ll even be able to produce more than one video per year. :smile:


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