Form handling in re-frame in 2018?

Hi folks, I’m hoping people could point me at good recent resources or examples on handling forms with re-frame. My googling is turning up a lot of small projects, most of which look like abandonware from a few years ago, so I’m not sure what the state of the art is for doing this nicely nowadays. All input much appreciated!

Hey, good timing, we’re cleaning up the form lib we use in conjunction with re-frame and it’ll be up for public consumption between now and mid next week. It’s API is modeled after the venerable redux form over in JS land, I was surprised that no form state management library existed for re-frame. I can update this thread when the library goes live, but it’ll do what you need.


Great, please do! I look forward to checking it out.

Have you looked at reagent-forms?

Thanks, I’ll take a look through it. Anything one should do differently if using it with re-frame instead of plain reagent?

It has a portion bout reframe on its front-page readme. I haven’t tried it.

I’ve tried for a toy re-frame project. Seems to work, but I don’t have large scale experience with it.

Hi. I use this: on a few small projects. It doesn’t do much though. It’s just set of some handlers, subs…

Simple example can be found here: (you can see it live here:!/example.core).

A bit better example is here:
The idea is that each project has it’s own form namespace that integrates the library with any ui library. Form namespace of liked project: (it uses no ui library).

I created that because at work we use Material-UI and a few existing re-frame libraries I checked didn’t work well with it (in material-ui, you have input that has a few props related to state of the input (label, has error?, error label, …) and that seemed to be a problem usually - e.g. for mentioned reagent-forms:

Library launched here: Let me know if you have any questions


thanks for the tips everyone, lots to check out.

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