Free Chestnut Stickers

I will mail stickers of Mr. Chestnut to anyone with one or more commits on Chestnut. Just send me your address.

If you don’t have any commits but still would like some stickers you can still ask nicely and maybe tell me why you want them or what you plan to do with them :slight_smile:


I know it may not be polite for me to ask for stickers as soon as I joined the community. In my defense, I’ve been developing my first web app using Chestnut in the last couple of weeks, and I’m really enjoying it so why not sharing my love in the office with a sticker?

Ok, if I am still eligible for stickers let me know. :smile:

Hi Manuel,

Sure, just send me your address in a private message. Completely unrelated but we can always use help with triaging issues on Github :wink:

I’d also like a sticker for my laptop, and to contribute! A lot of the issues in GitHub seem old; I can go through them, though. Is there any coding features (or nice-to-haves) you’d like to see?

Send me your address and I’ll get you since stickers. I’m currently on
holidays though, so ETA for stickers will be second half of August.

Those old issues are exactly where I could use some help.

If people report an issue, ask if it’s still an issue on latest chestnut.
It might be a conflict with something in .lein/profiles. In that case see
if it can be reported upstream somewhere. If the original poster doesn’t
respond and you can’t reproduce it yourself then it can be closed. You can
comment with “please open a new issue if you still encounter this on the
current version”.

Often issues are really not chestnut’s fault, since we just tie things
together, so if something is an upstream bug find the upstream ticket and
link to it. In that case leave the issue open until it’s fixed upstream and
we have upgraded.

If it’s a matter of “you’re holding it wrong” then tell people what they’re
doing wrong and maybe point them to the forum if they have more questions.
Also have a look if we can improve the docs. No need to spend much effort
of it’s clear they didn’t read the docs and faq.

Just a question / remark : point them to the forum.

If an issue can be closed and you don’t have permission to do so just
comment “this can be closed now for so and so reason” and I can hit the
button. I’m also fine with giving more people access to the repo so I’m not
the bottleneck.