Freeswitch-clj, a pure clojure interface to freeswitch event socket

If you work in VoIP space and interested to work with freeswitch from clojure, check it out. In our company, we built a bunch of small applications around it. Also, a larger project is ongoing. Any feedback will be appreciated.


Very interesting. What you are using it for?

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So far, we are using it to do automated call origination to test quality of calls across multiple carriers.

(Can’t tell you all the details, but)Broadly speaking, the end goal is to make IVR applications using combined inbound and outbound mode, without having to touch freeswitch dialplan or embedded programming languages. As a PoC, using freeswitch clj, I was able to make a ‘guess the number IVR game’ in like 30 lines of clojure.

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