Front-end help wanted


Im busy with a site where I can show painitings from a api.
it looks now like this :

but now I need 2 images that could respresent the previous page and the next page and cannot find anything fitting on google.

Would anyone be so kind to help me with this ?

Maybe font-awesome or some similar library could be enough?


I‘d second font-awesome or any other icon pack, but if you actually only need 2 icons you can look over the more graphical unicode characters. There’s tons of useful „icons“ in there and pretty much every modern device supports them. Just blow a caret or arrow up to a big font size, and no need to fiddle with getting an icon font on the page.

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+1 for unicode character. I’ve found myself using those when needing ”mathy” glyphs.

Another option w/o dependency on font packs is to draw it with SVG, Something like so:

[:svg {:width   "61"
       :height  "206"
       :viewbox "0 0 61 206"
       :fill    "none"
       :xmlns   ""}
 [:path {:d            "M5 3L55 103L5 203"
         :stroke       "black"
         :stroke-width "10"}]]

Which will draw this:


It’s extra nice if you want to animate some paths.

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oke, I m now using the awesome font ones

Everyone thanks for the answers

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