Fundamentals study group

BTW the study meetings will probably be 2 hours long.

For those who’ve marked 1 hour slots, we will try to set the time so that you can enjoy the 1st half. :first_quarter_moon:

I think I lost some info, as I didin’t “mark” anything.

So, where are the slots to be marked for this fundamentals study group?

Thank you!

@jgomo3 sorry, yes, this is a bit off the original topic.

Indeed we are still planning the so-called “fundamentals” study group.

I briefly mentioned above that in the meantime, we are planning several ad-hoc study meetings about (“classical”) machine learning. Here you can mark your preferences:

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I see.

Thank you for the refence BTW.

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Awesome! Sign me up!

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To initiate this group, we are planning a few self-contained, independent meetings on the weekend of Nov. 20-22, where we will study dtype-next and try to work on a concrete problem. More details will come soon.

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Please mark your availability :pray: :blush: .

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Following the survey, here is the plan for the “fundamentals study November weekend”:

More details are coming soon.

@jjtolton @jgomo3 @lambduhhh @samedhi @tbrooke @zackteo @bsless @HolyJak @icosahedron @mvarela



Here are some more details and the registration form:

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Hi all, it would be great if you could register for next weekend’s meetings a few days in advance. :bird:

This will be the beginning of a long-term study group, and we wish to reach the weekend after some planning and clarity of expectations.
:pray: :blush:

Hi all.

This study group has started. It will take place in the Zulip #sci-fu stream and in meetings every two weeks.

Yesterday, I’ve had a nice experience trying to figure out Exceptions at the REPL, while being supported by a group who is supporting me and eventually explaining what went wrong.

The main themes for the first few weeks will be mainly, but not only, dtype-next and time series analysis.

It is not too late to join.
If the reason you haven’t join was an uncomfortable time, we would love to know that. We may consider opening sessions at different timings.