Future AMAs — your suggestions wanted

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

Now that summer has officially ended and we’ll probably all spend a bit more time in front of screens instead of outdoors I thought it would be nice to revive our Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) format.

We’ve done a few AMAs in the past (Colin Fleming, Carin Meier, Zach Tellman) but I figured we should also just ask the community who they would like to see an AMA with.

So please hit us with your suggestions for AMAs and we’ll do our best to make them happen :crossed_fingers:

Also bonus points for suggesting interesting people from traditionally underrepresented groups :blush:

Be creative!

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An AMA about fulcro & pathom might be really interesting.
Graphql support and fulcro integration just landed in pathom. There is also a nice video tutorial on the topic.

Think this is pretty big news since now we have something like apollo-client (that can take full advantage of a graphql backend) in clojurescript.

Pathom is the recommended way to process the backend queries for fulcro. Seems pretty cool outdside of fulcro also. Walkable is a nice example of what you can do with pathom.


An AMA with @tonsky. He made a rant blog post recently and I’d love to be able to question him and hear about him in general.

PS: he’s the author of Rum and Datascript


That’s a pretty full-on “get off my lawn!” rant there… and many of his complaints are strawmen, in my opinion. He rails against long compile times but either never experienced or doesn’t remember when overnight compile runs were common. Back when I was helping with the port of Mono to OS X, the compile cycle there was measured in hours as I recall. We build vastly more complex systems these days because that’s what users wanted – and that’s why there’s a lot more code (and a lot more processing going on). As developers, we’re impatient, and we often want Occam’s Razor in terms of tooling: lean, fast – efficient and productive. But we are not typical users of software and while many of us like Linux’s lean and fast approach compared to Windows, we are a ridiculously small percentage of overall computer users who want the features and the sophistication of those “slow, bloated” systems!

(sorry to be off-topic for this thread but I couldn’t let that rant go without a response :slight_smile: )


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