Get lost in the parenthses so what is messing up my layout


Almost done with this project nbut something is messing up my layout now.
Could anyone help me

Code so far :

The link is to the entire git repo. What file are you talking about? Please link to that. Or is it that you are not sure where the problem is?

“Messing up my layout” where? In the source code? In the output?

Messing it up in what way? Please explain, or show us.

What is the concern about parentheses? Are you using an editor or other tool that will indent code based on how it’s parenthesized? Is it indenting the way you expect?

There are very friendly people who visit this forum. I know that sometimes one can get frustrated and post questions that are just cries for help, but you have to help us help you.

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sorry, I think the error is here somehow :

that shelve looks very wierd when I try it on the browser

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