Getting started with Atom on windows with proto-repl, &c

Is there a “getting started” guide for using the Atom editor w/ the clojure package? I’m having trouble getting started. In addition to below, installing ink yields a stack trace.

A quick page of what steps for windows would be great.

Atom Ink does not appear to be installed. Install it to get a better REPL experience.
Starting REPL with lein in C:\Users\Zipper\Documents\GitHub\name
The system cannot find the path specified.
REPL Closed

ProtoREPL is no longer maintained and changes in Ink broke ProtoREPL some time ago.

Chlorine is a well-maintained package for Atom (I use it day-in, day-out for all my Clojure work). It is based on a Socket REPL, rather than nREPL, so that takes a little adjustment in setting up your work flow.

The #chlorine channel on Clojurians Slack is the best place to get support.


There is also the #atom-editor channel in Clojurians Slack. And feel free to comment on

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