Ghostwheel: Hassle-free clojure.spec, side effect detection and evaluation tracing

Just stumbled upon GitHub - gnl/ghostwheel: Hassle-free inline clojure.spec with semi-automatic generative testing and side effect detection and I am so impressed I have to share it!

Instead of


and other goodies :slight_smile:


I’ve been checking it out as well and it looks pretty interesting, especially the automatic function testing.

How does it distinguishes itself from orchestra?

It seems to do a whole lot more than orchestra, and can use orchestra for instrumentation. The Readme has a pretty good introduction and documentation of the functionality.

  #:ghostwheel.core{:check     true
                    :num-tests 10}

Never seen this ns syntax, doesn’t seem to work in Clojure. Is this ClojureScript only?

Ghostwheel author here – the syntax is standard Clojure syntax for adding metadata to the namespace via the attr-map? parameter to ns:

Should work identically on Clojure and ClojureScript. A reason why it may not is if you’re using Clojure 1.8.0 or older, because this is a namespaced map, support for which was introduced with Clojure 1.9.0.

Using it is not required, but since Ghostwheel uses qualified keywords for its configuration, the alternative would be quite verbose:

{:ghostwheel.core/check     true
 :ghostwheel.core/num-tests 10}

Right on, I’m still on 1.8, so havn’t gotten used to seeing that new syntax.

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