Github dependency graph support?

If you look at the Lumo repo:

Since it has a package.json file, Github is able to pick-up on what other packages depends on it, on the top right, with the used-by widget:


And if you go in Insights, it shows you the details of what dependencies it has, and what depends on it:

Does anyone know if there is a way we could extend that support so it can understand the Clojure dependencies such as: project.clj, pom.xml, deps.edn and build.boot for example?

Ok, I should have done more googling on this before posting. It looks like there is a fixed list of supported languages, and Java pom.xml is one, but nothing else Clojure related:


looks like it’s time to switch to deps.edn and have everyone run clj -Spom

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Support for parsing shadow-cljs.edn is also wanted.