Glotze IPTV app

The Clojure community worked hard to educate me to learn how to code. It was a bumpy ride since Cljs is my first programming language but you have to start somewhere. I often regretted my choice because Clojure forces you to think a lot about what you are doing but in the long run it seems to be the right decision.

Glotze is a tiny app to view IPTV streams
The initial data is transformed from an m3u file to Clojure data with a babashka script.
The app is made with reagent, re-frame, re-com and localforage with lots of interop.
90% of the time it was fun to do this and maybe 50% boring in a good way because re-frame provided me with a lot of guidance how to do it. The only challenge were promises together with re-frame but I solved it by writing impure shudder events. (It looks like I get away with it :sweat_smile:)
Re-com is awesome! My CSS skills are not, so without re-com Glotze would be really ugly or wouldn’t exist at all.

It seems to work quite well on Desktop Chrome and Firefox Browsers. It’s terrible on a phone but maybe ok on a tablet (Feedback much appreciated). URLs in IPTV land age fast, this is still an unsolved problem.

Enjoy and thank you for teaching an old dog some new tricks :smile_cat:


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