Has anyone written a tool to spit out a deps.edn from a project.clj?


If not I’ll write my own :slight_smile:

I’ll probably make use of the new lein deps :tree-data task.


There is https://github.com/RickMoynihan/lein-tools-deps which does something similar.


Thanks, but I think lein-tools-deps goes (at least conceptually) from deps.edn -> lein deps, whereas I wanted to do the reverse. In the end I just used multi-select in my editor to turn all the [example-artifact "0.1.0"] vectors into example-artifact {:mvn/version "0.1.0"} key-val pairs.


A converter tool sounds like a great idea.


I wrote this gist


A tool called depify now exists, based on the above gist, which does what you want (I didn’t write it, I just noticed it recently).


Ah cool, hadn’t seen depify.

I deployed a little ClojureScript tool that translates project.clj :dependencies to deps.edn :deps that I called depsy: https://theronic.github.io/depsy/

Would be cool to integrate depify with it to handle an entire project.clj file :). Happy coding, everyone!