Heart of Clojure, 18 & 19 September, Leuven, Belgium

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You may have noticed that we added an extra venue, Het Depot. Last time Hal 5 was bursting at the seams, so to be a bit more comfortable and to potentially reach a bigger capacity, we started looking for alternatives.

Het Depot is a great venue with plenty of seating, but there’s very little space outside of the main hall. Heart of Clojure isn’t just a conference where you sit and listen to talks all day. It’s an interactive event with lots of sessions and activities, some organized by us, some brought on by the attendees. So we need room to swarm out into smaller groups to do those kinds of things. This was going to be hard at Het Depot.

So we decided to go back to Hal 5 where the conference happened in 2019, but this time use that space for (un-)sessions, workshops, as well as for sponsors and (probably) a bar.

The two are about an 8 minute walk apart, with in the middle the train station and the two main hotels (Park Inn and Ibis).

Everything is still tentative at this point, but the plan is to have even more “open” time. We’ll start and end the conference with talks, but in between we’ll use the space at both venues to offer lots of different sessions, activities, discussions, BoF, etc.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. CFP and ticket sales will be available as soon as we manage to get them up, but I can’t give a firm date yet.