Help wanted: testing the clj-kondo.exe binary for Windows

I’d like some help from Windows users in testing the binary for clj-kondo. It can be downloaded from:

You can test it as a command line application using this README:

Note that there are some differences in Windows, e.g. you don’t need the quotes when you use echo:

C:\> echo (inc) | clj-kondo.exe --lint -
<stdin>:1:1: error: clojure.core/inc is called with 0 args but expects 1
linting took 32ms, errors: 1, warnings: 0

If you are interesting in running clj-kondo as a binary on Windows, please give it a shot and report any findings here.

Btw @plexus, any chance I could get a project / clj-kondo category?

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Just curious why you care for windows support if there isn’t a user asking for it …

I’ve tried it on Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18363.476].
Looks like works fine.

Why does one care in general if an open source product works for anyone :-). Good question. If I publish a binary, I just think it should work, or else I shouldn’t publish it.

Would be also great to have it available via Chocolatey.

Windows now has two package managers that can install the clj-kondo binary:

  • NPM
  • Scoop

Feel free to pick up Chocolatey and add a PR.

Thank you.

Of course! I created the category, are you able to edit About the clj-kondo category ?

Seems like it. Thanks!

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