Hi all! Let me introduce myself

My name is Leonid and I’m new to Clojure :slight_smile: It is not my first programming language - I have been worked and I work with c, c++, c#, Python, sql, js and so on… 25 jears or so :slight_smile: I keep looking for a language that suits me a little more than the languages I know.


Welcome :smiley:

What do you like most about Clojure? For me its the brackets :upside_down_face:

Brackets - yes, indeed… And the syntax in general :slight_smile:

Hi Leo,

I’m also new to Clojure. Feels like you’ve gone through quite a few languages. I wonder what it is that makes Clojure seem like it may be a good fit for you?

Hello Chill_Bro! I haven’t realized yet how much Clojure suits me.… So far, I’m just wondering :slight_smile: