Hi from a Clojure beginner

Hi everyone,

I’m here to learn as I currently have just basic scripting skills, predominantly in R, and I am doing a bit of a deep dive into Clojure for the following reasons:

  1. I want a different way to be able to think about computational problems as my current mental framework is very limited as someone who really only writes one off scripts in R to the point where it almost feels like using a calculator (i.e. just using existing libraries and functions).
  2. I have read articles where experts praise LISP’s and how much it can change ones approach and I want to understand why on an experiential level.
  3. It appears to be a little bit more approachable than Scala (that could be naive of me) and more functional whereas beginners can run into traps in Scala where OOP is more common place and functional only possible.
    I look forward to discovering what the community has been working on!

Welcome! You’re embarking in an awesome journey, I hope you will enjoy it!

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Welcome! Here’s hoping Clojure will treat you well. I can recommend joining the Clojurians Slack where beginners get quick and friendly help. If you haven’t already. http://clojurians.net

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Another welcome message, @newApproach!

To your first point, about that a new language changes our mental framework: that was the most interesting, significant, and rewarding thing about learning Clojure(Script) and a LISP generally, that my brain had almost to re-wire itself in how it approached programming challenges.

Reminds me of that excellent movie, Arrival, which… well I won’t spoil it :slight_smile:.

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