Hi to all in our Clojure Community. Let me introduce myself

I am Azeez. I am from India. I am total beginner to programming itself. I am in a university course for computer applications. The course teaches languages like C and Python. I am a beginner in those languages as well. Clojure caught my attention when I was trying to learn a topic on programming languages, lisp. I tried racket before Clojure so the brackets didn’t scare me completely. While racket was a good language to go through How to design programs book. Clojure seemed like a real deal for creating market ready applications. I am learning Clojure from two books, Joy of Clojure and Brave Clojure.


Hi Azeez it’s nice to hear from you. I’ve been coding in clojure for just over a year now. I started with C-style languages as well back in 2015 and only dabbled in a functional language (Haskell) in 2018. It’s great that you’re doing functional programming so much earlier than I did! It exposes you to a different way of thinking, and that exposure helps you code better in imperative languages as well. I hope you find Clojure as enjoyable as I do!


Welcome, @Syedazeez! You’ve made an excellent choice of books, if I may say so. If you’re into podcasts, I can also really recommend Functional Design in Clojure.


Hi Azeez!
What do you think of Joy of Clojure? That’s the book I have too, but I find it a bit tough to get through the early chapters. I have no LISP nor functional programming experience – which are two of the appeals of Clojure.

It’s interesting that you arrived at LISP so early in your programming journey. I only just found out about LISPs within the last 2 years. Welcome, Azeez! And I hope you have a great time writing apps and tools in Clojure.

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Joy of Clojure is admittedly intimidating for a total beginner to LISP. The Clojure for Brave and True is much more gentle along with other resources

These resources are meant for total beginners that I found helpful.

Thank you. The community is welcoming and gentle for newcomers. This podcast looks amazing. I am going to try it.

Thank you for your encouraging words. I believe LISP introduces to much more deeper understanding of software development.

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