Hiring Clojure/ClojureScript developers in Copenhagen, Denmark. Remote options available

NOSCO is a small, successful SaaS company from Denmark. We help our clients innovate by offering a well-designed and easy to use web platform for sharing, evaluating and developing ideas, as well as consulting services to help them run successful innovation campaigns. See some success stories at https://nos.co/clients and get a tour of the platform at https://nos.co/platform.

We are looking to expand our small team of developers, to work on the next generation on the Nosco platform. We are steadily migrating our Node backend to Clojure + GraphQL, our jQuery/Handlebars frontend to ClojureScript + React and our operations from Rackspace to AWS. We are doing all this iteratively, avoiding the classic big rewrite trap, while also adding new features to the platform.

Interested? Send a short CV and a small statement to careers@nos.co and let’s get the conversation started!

The roles:

We have openings for two developers, with the level ranging from Junior to Senior, and all the shades in-between. We are looking for developers that can do both frontend and backend, with “T-shaped developer” being the ideal.

At the Junior level, we are looking for someone who:

  • Has strong communication skills in both spoken and written English
  • Is a fast learner with a growth mindset
  • Has already some experience in web development, and is excited by the prospect of learning Clojure & ClojureScript.

Beyond the Junior level, we are looking for someone who also matches with some (not necessarily all) of the following:

  • Has many years of web development experience
  • Has experience in Clojure
  • Has experience in ClojureScript
  • Has experience in the React ecosystem
  • Has experience in architecture & system design

We are offering:

  • An opportunity to have a big impact, and help shape and guide the product, the architecture and the culture of our team
  • Scandinavian work-life balance
    • 37.5 hour-weeks
    • Flexible hours to suit your lifestyle
    • 5 weeks of paid vacation
    • Discretionary off-days to handle life
    • Options for part-time and remote work
  • A competitive salary
  • Catered lunch, good coffee, snacks, fruit, refreshments etc
  • The hardware, software and books you need to do a great job

We are working to create a software culture that is truly agile, valuing people over process, encourages learning and growth, avoids deadlines and stress and continuously reflects and improves.

We favour those who can join us for the long run, and are able to join our Copenhagen office. However, if there is a strong match we are open to considering fully remote candidates, especially if they have strong experience in our technologies and previous experience in remote work.

We are building a diverse team and we value people with interesting and unusual backgrounds.


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