HoneySQL 2.0 Alpha 1

seancorfield/honeysql {:mvn/version "2.0.0-alpha1"} is available for prerelease testing!

Although it has several differences from HoneySQL 1.0, the core of the data structure (and the helper functions) remains the same. This version uses a new group ID so it can be used alongside 1.0, and it uses new namespaces, so you can migrate to it piecemeal.

Code: https://github.com/seancorfield/honeysql/tree/v2

Documentation: https://github.com/seancorfield/honeysql/blob/v2/doc/getting-started.md

PostgreSQL compatibility: HoneySQL 2.0 now incorporates everything that the nilenso/honeysql-postgres provided, albeit with slightly different syntax in a few places (see https://github.com/seancorfield/honeysql/blob/v2/test/honey/sql/postgres_test.cljc which is all of the test from the nilenso library adjusted for HoneySQL 2.0).

Issues to address before 2.0 “Gold”: https://github.com/seancorfield/honeysql/milestone/7

Please test this prerelease and provide feedback, either here or in issues on GitHub.

Thank you!


seancorfield/honeysql {:mvn/version "2.0.0-alpha2"} is available for prerelease testing!

This is mostly an overhaul/expansion of the documentation on cljdoc.org but also includes several small bug fixes and usability improvements, especially around insert/upsert (PostgreSQL).

I have tried it with babashka and that went alright. I noticed a couple of improvements over v1 (:inline true and being able to pass maps as values). :+1:

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