Hot-Pan-Oriented Programming - [Are We There Yet?]

Sometimes I like to cook.
Couple times per year I grab a hot pan.
It’s not white hot. I’m not that stupid.
I just don’t see ultraviolet.

Yeah, I know, infrared, but Derek has a great video about UV.

Let’s make one more step.
It’s not just “I don’t have google glass with built-in pyrometer” problem.
There is the essence that hidden (kind of) behind any sensory experience. Time.
So it’s double trick to sense it.

We (humans) are only good in time perception within 2sec-20min range.
Add 200ms and 2weeks to feed your ego.

@sbelak use “analytics chasm” term.

I sense we got burns way too often in our current state [of software development].

In the life we use time-lapse and slo-mo:

As usual, “time” is heavily overused term.
You’re looking for optionality and causality.

Fergal Byrne calls it Feynman Machine

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I don’t think I understand where you’re going with that, but please continue. :slight_smile:

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